Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Mature Market

Over the last few years, GoIndustry DoveBid has developed a comprehensive working knowledge of inventory within the dairy industry. We have a particular expertise in the valuation and appraisal of maturing cheese stocks and its associated by-products for Asset Based Lending purposes.

The valuation teams specialist knowledge in this area is recognised by Commercial Banks and Asset Based Lenders which has developed GoIndustry DoveBid's portfolio of cheese producers (both private label volume based and branded) which we visit to complete periodic appraisals and valuations of their maturing stocks. Over the last 6 months alone, 6 appraisals of maturing cheese have been completed and a bespoke valuation template has been developed to provide a specialist report.

The valuations enable the respective lenders to monitor the performance and value of their collateral on a Net Orderly Liquidation Value basis. The valuations include: Indexing of the current milk prices, monitoring of the maturation profile stocks, indexing of the current cheese market values, the valuation of by-products from the manufacturing process and advising on the recommended exit strategy for the inventory in a worst case scenario.

For further information on the valuations team’s experience and capabilities and what the lender risk issues are please contact Elaine Shelley or Matt Earl.