Thursday, October 21, 2010

Revaluation of Digital Book Printing Machinery

Recently, the GoIndustry DoveBid valuations team completed a valuation of book printing machinery. This was for a successful producer of short run, high quality, paperback books.

The company is the proud owner of a new digital book production system which transfers information from paper reel to finished book. In addition to this key production line, there are a number of high quality conventional presses, folding machines and book binding lines.

The previous valuation was completed in early 2009, at a time of uncertainty across all industries. Whilst the economic outlook for many has improved, the general printing industry remains in difficulty, with many high quality printing presses on the market worldwide.

The reported value took a further hit this year, as the exit period was reduced at the request of the client from 120 to 90 days. Inevitably, this impacts on the time available to market some of the large printing and binding machines and therefore the values achievable. The asset appraisal report’s Interpretation of Values Section highlighted the reasons for the reduction and the benefits of having an extended exit period - true Asset Intelligence.

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